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DIY Sunday

Posted by Michael Rayford on

Well today is Sunday and after my morning cup of joe from Starbucks, I am a little wired so what the hay lets do some chores!!....not really! So after cleaning the kitchen, washing some clothes and hanging the pictures that have been sitting on the floor for a month (sorry babe!), I noticed the small space above the fireplace was empty and boring. (Sorry about the sub-par pics, the iPhone was not cooperating today!)

So, I pulled the trusty laptop out and decided to design a vinyl wall decal for that bland space. After some idea research I finally found something that would work. After getting the vinyl wall design finished, the cutting and weeding begins and now we have it in place and measured correctly.

Now it is time to stick the first side by pulling the right side away from the wall and removing the adhesive tape backing and placing the vinyl wall decal back in place by lining it up with the piece of tape we placed at the end. I will now squeegee the decal in place starting in the middle and working my way outwards.

Ok, now lets do the other side! Now we have the finished product and I must say, it looks pretty awesome. Now go get your vinyl wall decal for your DIY Sunday!

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